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a fun family overnight experience

Does your family enjoy learning about the world and spending time outdoors exploring nature together?

It is widely known that ACE Education provides a fantastic hands-on learning experience for a field trip. A few hours might not be enough! How about a special family overnight trip? Gather with up to eight families. Stay in the comfortable Retreat House. We will customize your experience to the needs of the group. It’s like an Airbnb with a program!

For Your ACE Ed-Ventures Beyond Experience:

We will provide an adventurous hands-on experiential learning environment based on the ages of your eager students. We can either plan the program for you or we may customize the program according to your needs.

Popular options include: Pond Life, Predator/Prey Relationships, Habitat, Adaptations, Ecosystems, Lifecycles, Environmental Values, Indigenous Peoples, Survival Skills, Trees, Birds, Stream Life, Insects, Soil, and more! So much from which to choose! To view our wide selection of educational topics, please follow this link to our curriculum info.

Too many things on your interest list? No worries; simply plan to come for multiple family overnight experiences or try out our Day Field Trips for other learning adventures.

When are ACE Ed-Ventures Beyond Events?

Schedule an overnight experience starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending before or after lunch the following day – your choice!

Cost: Program + Meals/Lodging

Program: $205 (divided by the number of participants)

Lodging & meals: (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)

  • 1 Night, 1 Meal (D) $53/person
  • 1 Night, 2 Meals (D, B) $63/person
  • 1 Night, 3 Meals (D, B, L) $73/person
  • 1 Night, 4 Meals (L, D, B, L) $80/person
  • Lodging only: $39/person (provide your own linens [$9/linen set if Agapé provides])
  • Pack and/or prepare your own meals in the Retreat House kitchen – no additional cost

With foodservice: the minimum is 14 participants; maximum of eight families.
Without foodservice: the minimum is four families.

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