Adult Educator Workshops

Project WET: August 5th
Project Learning Tree: August 2nd

ACE’s Adult Educator Workshops are designed to be fun, hands-on, action-packed, and informational for teachers, non-formal educators, youth leaders, scout leaders, and any other leaders interested in teaching about natural and built environments.

Project WET workshop is geared toward teachers, non-formal educators, scout leaders, and other youth leaders interested in teaching about water.

The goal of Project WET is to facilitate and promote awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of North Carolina’s water resources.

This workshop is fun, hands-on, action-packed, and informational. WET is for anyone interested in natural resources and environmental education and is especially useful for public and private school teachers in grades K-8. The workshop offers educators exciting new activities to use in teaching science, math, language arts, social studies, and environmental studies. Each participant will receive a copy of the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide.

PLT is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and other educators working with students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

This workshop focuses on the activities from the preK-8 activity guide. At the workshop, educators will receive a free PLT Activity Guide that is chock full of interdisciplinary instructional activities that use the forest as a “window” into natural and built environments.

At the workshop, participants will engage in hands-on PLT activities, as well as learn how PLT activities can accomplish existing curricular goals. All PLT activities are correlated to North Carolina’s Basic Education Plan. PLT is also one of the required workshops for individuals working to complete their Environmental Education Certification in the state of North Carolina.